Starting Off SAFELY

Posted on September 16, 2011

Our first few weeks of the new school year have proven to be one of our best years yet!  Students at Willows Child Learning Centers have enjoyed learning about school safety, fire safety, traffic safety and safety at home.  Pre-school and Pre-kindergarten children were visited by firefighters from South Metro Fire Station 33.  Children got to see what the inside of a fire truck looks like and how a fireman looks with all of his equipment on.  The Kindergarten students were able to travel to South Metro Fire Station 35 to get a close up look at the ladder trucks and airplane rescue trucks.  In addition to firefighters, pre-school, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students were visited by McGruff, the Crime Fighting Dog.  McGruff humorously talked to the children about stranger and gun safety.  When the officer from the Arapahoe County Sheriff Department asked the children what was on his belt, he was told that he had “hiccups” to catch bad guys.  The officer laughed at the vocabulary mistake and proceeded to discuss how he uses his handcuffs to catch bad guys.  It was a very sweet moment that reminds us, the teachers, why we love what we do.

Kindergarten students were also visited by the Aurora Police Department.  An officer spoke with the children about how to stay safe while biking and the importance of following the rules.

At Willows Child Learning Centers we are looking forward to a very fun fall.  The changing leaves on the playground make a magical backdrop for exploring nature.  Pre-school and pre-kindergarten students will be discovering seeds and plants and discussing the seasons.  Kindergarten students will be enjoying many field trips outdoors, enjoying the changing seasons.


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