Welcome Summer 2012!!!

Posted on June 7, 2012

Welcome back Willows family!!!

We are so excited to start another fantastic summer here at the Willows! The warm sunshine is here to stay for the summer and swim lessons are beginning! We have complied a “Summer Survival Guide” to make your summer stress-free and fun!!!

– Your child should have a swim bag with a swimsuit, towel, and swim shoes that are waterproof and easy to get on such as crocs or flip-flops

– Sunscreen should be applied before arriving at school. This gives us more time for learning before your child swims

– Bring in a bottle of sunscreen, to be left at school, so the teachers can re-apply in the afternoon. Please ask the front desk for a sunscreen permission slip

– Please label all items that are brought to school, all of our teachers have markers if you need one. This helps teachers to identify lost items

– For our younger children, potty accidents do happen so please send a change of clothes in a ziploc with your child’s name on it to be left in their back pack

– Please pull long hair back for swim lessons, it is easier to swim without hair in their face

– Everyday we begin at 8:30, 8:15 is a great time to come in. This gives your child time to say hi to friends and hang up their swim bags before we begin

– Every room will play on the playground daily. We have found that rubber-soled shoes with backs are best for climbing and running, and helps to lower the number of those painful scrapped knees and elbows

– We have special swim visitation days once a month. Check out our calendar of events page for those dates

– Children who stay all day will have a recreational swim (free swim) time each day. Check with your room to find out your child’s swim time

– There is no need to send toys, water rings, or floatation devices we have everything that your child will need

We hope that you all have a wonderful summer and enjoy the beautiful Colorado sunshine!!!

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