It is the intent of the Willows Child Learning Centers to provide the best in early development and learning through a loving, stimulating environment for every child. To this end children are placed in classrooms with teams of teachers according to age groupings. Within an age group children are divided into small groups and belong to a certain teacher on the basis of an individual evaluation, which reveals the child’s developmental level. Evaluation results are always shared in parent-teacher conferences. The Yellow Room is for two and a half and young three-year-old children at a ratio of 8:1; the Orange Room is for three- and four-year-old children at a ratio of 10:1; Green Room is for pre-kindergarten children with a ratio of 12:1; Blue Room is for kindergarten at a ratio of 15:1. Elementary children utilize the multi-purpose room as their home base with a ratio of 15:1.

Preschool daily schedules are divided into three major activity times:

1. Directed teaching time during which a teacher provides activities for their group of children at their ability level in such areas as language, fine-motor, colors, shapes, numbers, letters and sounds.
2. Gross-motor and music activities, which involve basic body movement, singing, rhythm instruments, and musical games.
3. Center time which provides for child-chosen activities in art, music, science, dramatic play, manipulatives, listening, library, filmstrips, blocks and accessories, indoor large muscle and water or sand play. Social and emotional growth and understanding permeate all activities at all levels.

Children who need all day care enjoy preschool in the morning and enter the daycare program at noon; the daycare program involves a nap and supervised play activities until pickup time.

The kindergarten daily schedule is a full-day program with learning periods for language, reading and writing activities, mathematics, social awareness, science, music, and art. Play periods and a short rest are also part of the day.

Elementary children are transported to their elementary schools in the morning and back to the centers in the afternoon. The elementary summer program involves maintenance of reading interest, activity times related to academics, mini-courses providing craft instruction in small groups, swimming lessons, weekly field trips, camping experiences and social awareness.

Through the above activities, performed in a positive atmosphere, we propose to help each child to continuously grow in self-esteem and develop a healthy self-concept.

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