Family appreciates flexibility and professionalism-

I have had my children enrolled in the Willows for the past 6 years. Both of my sons started in the Yellow room at 2 1/2 years and stayed through the kindergarten program. I have also enrolled my niece and sons in the summer elementary program. The reasons why I continually recommend the Willows to other parents are many, but they primarily revolve around the flexibility, professionalism and tradtion that the Willows offers which I believe makes it unique to many other preschool institutions.

I have appreciated the flexibility the school has offered in terms of part time or full time schedule for my children which I have had to vary throughout the years. Based on availability the school will do their best to accomodate your schedule as they do realize that each family is unique.

The professionalism is evident in the long tenure of the staff, many have been with the school for many years. The teachers and staff are first in class and truly excellent at their craft, as the Willows first and foremost offers a wonderful learning environment.

My favorite tradition at the Willows is a caring  kitchen staff that prepares daily, hot meals for the children from scratch. This to me is a blessing because I do not have to worry  about packing lunches and snacks and I know my children will receive nutritious and delicious foods through out the school day. Further traditions include caroling at holidays, taking part in music and dance recitals, field trips, hoe downs, producing wonderful art, and of course the ever popular swimming program at the schools private pool, which is included as a part of summer school tuition.

I believe the Willows opportunity offers a nurturing, caring and personalized experience for children and further more is very competitively priced. Did I mention the the amazing tree filled, tricycle riding, tetherball, play structure filled playground my kids love. I would not hesitate to recommend the Willows CLC to any family

Yvonne, Highlands Ranch, CO

Mom likes the core knowledge-

As a parent I think that you constantly question whether you are “doing the right thing” when it comes to your children.   It seems that in current times getting your child the right education can lay the ground work for their entire future.  To say that the Willows have exceeded our expectations is an understatement.  As part of the Willows family for six years now, our two children have thrived in this educational and loving environment.

There was never any question that both our children would participate in the Kindergarten Program at the Willows.   My husband and I both work full time so it would have been extremely convenient to place them in our neighborhood school (which is a great school) and move on from there.    They offer Kindergarten enrichment and Before and After care.  But we both knew that the Willows offered so much more.

ο The Willows are not going to have “budget cuts” and my children were never going to be short changed in any way.  Class room sizes are small.

ο The transition into 1st Grade was seamless.  They are used to a full day of school and can handle the work load with ease.

ο Their core knowledge of reading, writing, spelling and math are more advanced and for my children it gave them a great deal of confidence.

ο My children had no idea they were learning so much because they were having too much fun.  The fundamentals were there but so were music, art, dance, field trips and holiday activities that exposed the kids to all different cultures.  They were constantly encouraged and nurtured to learn at their own pace.

ο More importantly they were expected to use their manners, respect their teachers and friends and become more independent individuals.

I know that without a doubt, the Willows have given my children an incredible foundation to start their lives.  Obviously, my husband and I consider our children our greatest achievement.  The best “investment” we made was giving them their start at Willows Child Learning Centers.  I would and have recommended this wonderful place to many friends and acquaintances.

Natalie, Castle Rock CO